Monday, 4 February 2008

I'm watching you

I'm fascinated by people. I'm a voyeur and a people lover. I enjoy watching them, figuring out who they are, what they do, what they think, what they feel.
When I'm in the subway, my eyes keep falling on a person or other, and, like in a trance, I'm unable to mind my own business like reading the heavy book I keep carrying around.

Characters I noticed while standing in line at a telephone company today:
A very well built fellow who apparently is a national champion at wrestling, canoe, and other 2 sports I forgot. a Mr. in his 60s who says he's exercising as much as he can. he was a sporty guy and now, because of some health problems, sticks to just jogging. And a huge gipsy, very rebel in his own way. He has something of Barry White in his appearance. A gipsy who lost his gipsy background. He doesn't have a gipsy accent and he talks nice. His hair reaches his shoulders and he's a head taller than me. And, as I said, he's huge. Not huge with a characteristic gipsy belly. Just huge. And he recommended the guy in his 60s to take a sip of wine before going to bed, as a medicine. He declines, saying that his wife has a homeopathy remedies store, and she knows best. He doesn't drink.


alex_no_andra said...

mi se pare minunat sa fii fascinat/-a de oameni. nu cred ca exista creatura mai interesanta pe pamant decat omul insusi. :) uite un link unde poti citi o povesti asemanatoare celei spuse de tine:
sper sa-ti placa!

Diana said...

Arata bestial blogul asta. Si e foarte original. Si ma si linisteste pe o parte. Ma gandeam ca sunt eu ciudata. Sau prost crescuta ca ma intereseaza asa mult persoanele de langa mine: din metrou, trolebuz, trecerea de pietoni, statia de masina, teatru, magazn, etc...