Thursday, 24 January 2008

Marketing ideas for beggars

I'm seriously doubting there's any beggar out there who will read this [I'm seriously doubting there are more than 3 people reading this, as a matter of fact (I'd like to heartily thank my colleagues and my boyfriend for this privilege)], but I have just came up with the grooviest idea.
Idea background:
- Andrew, my colleague, was making the remark that people in the subway train are very sad and blank.
- while I was studying for an exam in the subway train today, I'm suddenly awaken from my reverie by a guitar tune and a fiery Bamboleo. The guy sang with such a passion - his voice wasn't bad either - that he made everybody around at least tap on the floor if not sing along with him (I tapped, the guy next to me sang along). And yes, people actually smiled and felt good.
Beggars should rebrand themselves. Come up with something new to cover the consumers' needs. Yes, so far they weren't appealing to their needs, but to their pity. Which is less profitable, since there aren't many people who would throw money away just like that compared to those who would pay for a service to answer a need.

So I thought:
I would give money to a beggar who would tell jokes. Wouldn't that be fun? Actually doing something constructive to earn tax free money. And everybody's happy. Beggars earn some more self-esteem and the public is satisfied. And less stressed while going to/coming back from work. The implications could be even deeper than this: more efficient at work, more patient with a lazy husband or a hysterical wife.
And maybe rebrand our country as well, turning the phrase "country of beggars" into a good thing. Just imagine tourists taking the subway as a cultural experience, looking forward to hearing a blackish little man say something like:

The Pope flew into an airport for a meeting within a few minutes. His limo driver takes off and the Pope needs him to go faster in order to get to his meeting. The Pope asks the driver to switch places and the Pope will drive. They take off again and the limo is stopped by a cop. The cop takes one look at the situation and radios to headquarters. He tells the chief he's got a pretty important person on his hands. The chief asks "Is he more important than the mayor?" Cop says yes. Chief asks " Is he more important than the governor?" Cop says yes. Chief asks "Is he more important than the President?" Cop says yes. Chief asks "How important can he be" Cop says "I don't know, but he's got the Pope for a driver.

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