Wednesday, 9 January 2008

My first post is about Viorel's naivety

I called Viorel naive today. I'll explain why, since he hasn't.
He believes in a utopian world where if a person wants to change a system, or THE system, he will find at least a follower, and then another, and another, and the system will eventually be changed. His long speech in the office was a reaction to Mircea Badea's so called negative attitude:
( from Viorel's blog)
- I'm not going to vote because this won't change a thing. Their people will get elected anyway.
- There's no use in trying to change something, because nothing will ever change in Romania (I do notice some changes for the worse, though; I don't remember my parents listening to a certain crappy music genre, for example)
- Don't bother denouncing the illegalities you witness, nobody will do anything to fix the problem anyway.

Viorel's belief sounds very good in theory. But it has no ground. Never in the history of our lovely country did the little people change anything. OK, we had a revolution, but who really started it? I really doubt it was Mr Fane Croitoru, your neighbor who was dissatisfied with eating too much soya salami or who was too tired to wait in line for milk at 5 a.m.

I'm not being negative, I'm just realistic. Of course, my opinion is not that extreme. Things will change, but in slow motion. Studies show that we will reach European level in at least 20 years. But again, not because a local hero will take action and lead us to glory, prosperity and virtue. It's just the wind of change that will implacably affect us all. But their people will still rule the country, and laws will be obeyed because there'll be external pressure, not because there's an inner propensity towards it.

And by the way... the "taking action" theory mentioned at the beginning comes from a guy who doesn't wipe water spilled on the floor, or doesn't take the snow off his car, because the problem will solve by itself anyway (water evaporated, snow melted)!


Viorel said...

My point is just like the "ecologist way of living" you are talking about all the day.

It's not somebody coming and assuming the leadership. It's not that we should wait for him ! ;)

It's just like you're telling me everyday to stop the water flow while I'm brushing my teeth. If everybody will be doing that, it will make a difference !

I am absolutely sure that things are not going to change tomorrow morning. But, you could make it 15 years instead of 2.

PS: on the water evaporation, I'm still standing for my position. I prefer to use my time wisely when I'm in the position to choose. A few drops of water on a plastic floor are not going to make any harm, so, why wipe them ? And btw, water vapors are good for health, you know ;)

Diana said...

I agree that if everybody will do something against the mainstream, it will make a difference. The problem is there will never be enough people to stand for a certain issue in order to make a difference.

P.S. You can forget about that wet floor and slip and brake your nice little programmer hands, and not be able to earn a living, and not be able to provide for your family, and divorce, and be miserable, and start drinking and end up a poor drunken old man.

viorel said...

What I strongly affirm is that the "mainstream" you're talking about is ME, and YOU, and HIM, and HER ! There is no such thing as "THE SYSTEM" to fight against. It's just US who are making "the system"...

IMO, "mainstream" is not an abstract term at all. It's all the people around. And people always copy behavior patterns.