Thursday, 30 October 2008

Small world

No, I'm not talking about Pratchett's novel, but about the fact I ran into somebody today. No, not with the car - that's Bear's specialty, but on the subway station.
Actually, I've never met the guy personally. But when I saw him, he looked very familiar. I knew I saw him somewhere before.
Yeah, he's the one! He's the never-met-before husband of a former university colleague.
I have no idea what I was doing on my HI5 profile one day and I stumbled upon her profile. Oh, how nice, let's see how she's doing. Oh, how nice, photos. Oh, how nice, she got married. Oh, how nice, she looks so nice here. Oh, how nice, she changed her haircut. Oh, how... how... how... ew! Is that her husband?
Why does he have a pony-tail with a hair that long that it reaches his skinny ass? Why is he so skinny? Why does he smoke so much? Why does he have an Amorphis T-shirt? Why hasn't he gotten over his "black loser rocker period" until the age of 29?
And now, here I was, standing next to him in the metro, shoulder to shoulder, pink sweater to black sweater, fluffy ass to flat ass. I kept staring, like I would have been about to ask him "How's your wife? Still working there?"

This reminds me of an old story, it happened about 8 years ago, when I met a guy on the train, coming from Constanta to Bucharest. We started talking, at one point I mentioned a cousin I haven't seen that summer because of an argument, he asked me more questions about her, I almost described her as a slut. Later he asked me if my cousin's name was..., I felt like fainting on the spot, I asked him how he knew and told me he was... her boyfriend. He recognized me the moment he saw me, he had seen me in pictures.

P.S. I forgot to mention the fact that the neolithic husband had quite long fingernails at both hands. Please tell me he's playing the guitar...

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Anonymous said...

ce cool!
De ce nu i-ai facut poza cu telefonu'?
Era tot in tzoale de rocker?
Uneori as vrea sa cunosc un tip dintr-asta, sa vad ce are in cap, dicolo de tricou.
Tanar si liber, Bear