Saturday, 15 March 2008

Dancing intermezzo

Saturday. My first day with nothing planned in ages. A whole day just for me, to do whatever I want with it. And what I usually do in these days when I have nothing planned is... vegetate and basically do very common things. Like sleeping late, napping, playing with the cat, cleaning cat's poop box, eating whatever you can find in the fridge, preferably in the funkiest combinations, blogging, watching cheesy movies.
I ran across "Shall We Dance" while zapping tonight. Perfect movie for a cheesy evening. Why do romantic movies always get to me so much? I watched, I trembled, I sighed, I let a few tears fall off my cheeks, I dreamt, I shivered, I hoped, I desired.
Why does this never happen in real life? Romantic stuff that is... I'm not talking about expensive gifts or extreme attitudes like asking somebody to marry you from the Arch of Triumph. I'm talking about little surprises like a flower at the right moment, or silly things you know she loves. Timing is also essential. Giving the present on time, and not after the important date has passed, is a plus.
It's obvious that women were made to have romantic needs. Why hasn't nature created an entity to satisfy these needs? Men were at hand, but apparently they were too limited to be upgraded.
Oh well... let's just watch some scenes...

Video that reminds me of another one I'm a sucker for:

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